Shipping Policy

The cost of shipping depends on the material, weight, and size of the item you order.

We always attempt to ship priority through USPS whenever possible. Some items may have special shipping requirements, and in this case we will use another third party to ship.

Priority shipment through USPS usually arrives within 5 business days. However, once we hand USPS your package, they control the delivery time. Other third party shippers have delivery times that vary.

We are available Monday-Friday. When you place an order it may take us 1-3 business days before we package and ship your order.

You can contact us to request special and/or expedited shipping. This cost will vary depending on what your request is.

Shipping prices online are for the continental United States only!

We only sell and ship our online products to the Continental United States. If you live outside the continental United States then please contact us to get a quote for your order. Anyone who lives outside the continental United States that purchases a product on our website will receive a quote/invoice for additional shipping fees that must be paid in full before we package and ship the order.

Pickup Policy

When checking out you can save on shipping by choosing to Pickup at Bayheads. Certain products may be pickup at Bayheads only and may include an option for you to choose your pickup time. Not all products are pickup at Bayheads only, and not all products will have the option to choose a pickup time. If you choose to pickup at Bayheads and there isn't an option to choose a pickup time then we will contact you once your product is ready for pickup. You will have 30 days to come pickup your order once we notify you that it is ready for pickup. We will make multiple attempts over the course of the 30 days to contact you regarding pickup of your order. Once the 30 day mark hits we will refund your money and the order will be cancelled unless you contact us to make other arrangements.

Some products may only have Pickup at Bayheads as a shipping option. When a product is only available for pickup at Bayheads we will include a statement in the product description on the individual product page. However, when adding multiple products to your cart you may mix by adding a product that does allow shipping (i.e. hooded sweatshirt) and a product that is pickup at Bayheads only. This may seem confusing because during checkout you will see shipping options in addition to Pickup at Bayheads, but you will only be able to select one of those shipping options. Any shipping options other than pickup at Bayheads will only apply to the product(s) that have shipping available. The pickup at Bayheads still applies to any product that doesn't allow shipping even though you have the option to choose shipping. We hold the right to refuse shipping for any product at anytime. Always be sure to review each individual product page description to see if a specific product is Pickup at Bayheads only.


Alcohol sold on this website is currently for pickup at Bayheads only unless otherwise stated. You will need a valid ID when picking up your order. Any alcohol with a shipping option will be for Maryland shipping addresses only! We will NOT ship alcohol outside the state of Maryland and any order placed with a shipping address outside the state of the Maryland will not be processed.

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